Digital Marketing Tips for Email Marketing after the pandemic in 2021

Email marketing has been around for at least 40 years now. Each year the concept of email marketing keeps evolving. New strategies keep popping up. Sometimes it is hard to keep track. Email marketing is one of the key players in digital marketing. It is the best effective way to communicate and promote your products to your consumers. We understand that just by sending text based generic emails don’t necessarily generate the kind of profit you were expecting. That’s why we have decided to share some of our thoughts on how your emails can be improved to get you through 2021. These are our tips on email marketing.


Tips for Email marketing

Have you ever clicked on an email that had no context? Maybe sometimes you do but purely out of curiosity. Sometimes you don’t even read the whole email before you delete it. It’s emails like these that we are trying to avoid. We don’t mean that you should send an email to each subscriber individually. Personalization means using the customer data to create an email that caters to their needs.

The simplest form of personalized emails is using the consumers name. Here are a few simple steps to ensure you get the right customer data to personalize your emails.

Ask the right questions – It all starts with your website. Any website has a more information page that asks the consumer to sign up for more updates on your services. If you ask the right questions, it gets easier to personalize your emails to fit each consumer.

Use a real email signature – Use your real contact information when ending an email. Give your consumers the opportunity to contact you online. It is a great way to build a relationship with them.

Interactive emails

Tips for Email marketing

Yes, interactive. Emails aren’t just about text any more. They tend to be more interactive and quite user friendly. These days mainly online stores create interactive emails that casually prompt a sunscriber into looking at various other products available. Usually these products tend to be more tailored to each subscribers search history on their website. No matter what the content may be, this is another surefire way to get people more interested in actually clicking on your email and reading it.

These emails includes elements that allow subscribers to watch a video, add items or book a room without having to go to any other website. There are many different forms of interactive emails. It is entirely upto you to choose the best one that fits your style. Next time you send an email, add a GIF. It will make someone’s day.

Brighter colors

Tips for Email marketing

This is really a great way to get your emails more noticed and will separate you from the rest. Adding a splash of color to your emails will not only catch the eye of the subscriber but it also gives your email an element that causes interest. I know I have clicked a colorful email more than once. Of course as a business subtlety is key. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a pop of colour. Generic and text based emails tend to get boring overtime so a change of pace may sometimes be the right choice.

Mobile Friendly emails

Tips for Email marketing

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? If you’re like me then you’d start scrolling through your Instagram account or checking your emails. Sometimes I come across emails that don’t seem fit on my phone screen. Usually this means that the email is supposed to be opened from a bigger screen, like a laptop or a PC. With the evolving times, phones have now become our main source of communication. There is nothing to be gained by sending desktop mode emails when subscribers are more likely to open them on their phone. Sending mobile friendly emails is an easily effective way to get more people to notice your emails.

Wrapping up

In the end these are our tips on optimizing email marketing for 2021. There are many more tips for Email marketing to maximize respond rates. By the end of this year you just might be able to find the right way to maximize email marketing to help your business. We hope we have shed some light on your concerns regarding this subject. Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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