SEO The best way to create an SEO strategy in 2020

 If you conduct your business activities online or have finally decided to step into the online platform then you probably realized the importance of SEO. The nature of Search engine optimization has changed since my last blog. This is why I think it’s time I update you on a few areas that need attention. If you are currently worried about your SEO and want new ways to improve it, I suggest you keep reading. Here are the best ways to create an SEO strategy in 2020. 

What is an SEO strategy? 

Before we get started it’s best to know what an SEO strategy is and how it affects your online presence as a business. An SEO strategy is a practice of preparing, developing, and executing steps intended to improve search engine rankings. In other words: The method you adopt when you try to generate more organic traffic is an SEO technique. It is highly specialized content that lets a company find opportunities by search engines to address questions that people have about the industry.

best way to create an SEO strategy

The best way to create an SEO strategy for your business

#1 Get help from influencers 

People feel overwhelmed and annoyed with disruptive ads. They seek information that they can trust and honest feedback. This has contributed to a rise in influencer marketing. People have a much better chance of interacting with a trusted and well-known person than they do with an ad. Online advertisers and media outlets are increasing their investment in targeting influencers as they have achieved outstanding results.

But how does it affect your SEO?. Hiring or working with an influencer will help you expand the scope of your content and attract even more traffic to your web. Often, they will help you build useful backlinks. Backlinks, as you know, are one of the most significant criteria Google uses when determining a ranking of a web page.

#2 securing your website 

User safety is another thing that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with SEO, but the website user interface is really critical. If a person does not feel comfortable accessing a web page then it is very possible that they will leave soon. Or they may decide not to continue in your page if they see a “Not Safe” alert. This may result in high bounce rates impacting the page ‘s place in the organic search listing.

Enabling HTTPS protocol to your site is critical. HTTPS provides website users with a safe link that is both encrypted and authenticated. Google wants all it’s users to have a safer browsing experience. So much so that any who adopt HTTPS can enjoy a small SEO boost. It is highly critical that the users be confident that their data will be secured for as long as they are on the website. There are already weaknesses on the network but new protection features are introduced every day and can be applied on your own website.

best way to create an SEO strategy

#3 Optimize your web page for voice search

Until revolutionary smartphones worked, people searched their personal computers by plugging terms into the search engine boxes. From this action, keywords were born. With mobile app usage increasing, voice searches are becoming a common phenomenon among internet users. Not only are these tests on phones but they can also be performed on home voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, etc.

When you understand and incorporate conversational searches into your SEO approach, for voice search it will help you produce more organic traffic. Voice searches have a huge impact on SEO as it’s more about asking questions through voice rather than entering search queries. Afterward, the words became more conversational and more focused.

However, by using voice searches, the search engine will do a lot of work to find the correct information that the user is actually looking for. Short keywords will not be so important. 

#4 improve mobile user experience

A website that does not have a mobile version will lose much of its users as mobile web pages are a growing phenomenon that will become much more common in 2020. Especially when more people around the world get smartphones and more mobile phone towers are installed with improved connectivity.

However, technology and how people access content from their mobile devices are getting so sophisticated that creating a mobile app isn’t enough. The interface needs to be easy to read, grab people’s attention, and then have the potential to answer their questions or at least keep them amused.

If you want to keep pace with your rivals your sites need to be tailored for mobile devices. And note, the higher you ‘re in the ranking of Google’s mobile page index the more popular your website becomes.

best way to create an SEO strategy

#5 Remembering CTR and Dwell Time are an important 

When users get used to lightning-fast internet access and information at their disposal, email click-through levels (CTR) and dwell time (including the amount of time a person spends on a web page before bouncing out) will matter much more to the SEO efforts’ success.

These metrics are critical as they provide tremendous insight into the Internet searcher ‘s satisfaction.  amount of time someone lingers on a website or other links the user clicks on will unwittingly tell you, the marketer, if they are involved in your material and how they consider the details they need.

The more time a page spends, in general, demonstrates how happy a person is in discovering what they are searching for. We expect search engines to bring more emphasis on dwelling time in 2020

formulating and creating a Seo strategy can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. But I hope these methods I have mentioned above help you in making things that much easier. If you are still confused about how to make the perfect SEO strategy that suits your business. Contact us today and we can make it happen.

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