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You ever look at the stars and realized there’s way too many to count. That’s kind of how your website looks on google due to the number of active users online. Insignificant and lost with the many others that look just like it. Unless of course, you do something about it. We all know what your website holds within it- CONTENT. It’s key to any business when it comes to getting the attention of customers.

The only way to stand out in the eyes of Google, as well as your customers, is to put thought and effort into your content. Content marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at creating, publishing, and distributing valuable and relevant content online. With the aim of reaching a targeted audience and encouraging profitable customer action. Ultimately, customer marketing is a critical component of sustained, long-term growth. That’s why I have stated the best content marketing tips in order for your business to succeed.

“With traditional marketing, you tell people you are a rock star, with content marketing you show them you’re a rock star “

– Robert Rose, chief strategy advisor at content marketing institute

1.Understand the road the customer has traveled

A strong content marketer knows that at every point of the buyer’s path the strategy requires to engage and entertain a reader. While your content should initially be used to draw potential customers to the site, it should also be used to convince reluctant prospects to buy and to promote customer satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty. 

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For example, you might understand that many customers hesitate to buy your product because they believe you need extensive video knowledge to be successful with it. You may develop a video strategy to teach consumers how to use online marketing in 2020. To help alleviate issues and support the sales team. This way there’s a higher chance of gaining a customer. Having a good call-to-action button is also very helpful. Read my previous blog for a better understanding.

2. Make sure you have a simple, tangible market objective for your content

Perhaps you are frustrated by the sheer amount of content that you produce for your company. From Snapchat Stories, blog posts, e-books, and podcasts…etc. But you have to make sure  every single piece of content you produce has a simple, tangible business goal in mind and it’s not a total business objective to merely ‘get views.’

Let’s presume you agree, for example, that you want to lean heavily into a blogging approach. It’s not enough to produce and publish content rather, it’s important to determine your target market and decide how your content will better support that market. You’ll also want to use analytics to ensure that the content hits the right audience with the right search intent. When you understand how to satisfy your market, you’ll want to ask yourself, “How does this tie back to the company?”. While writing quality content is vital to expanding your market, it won’t help draw prospects if it doesn’t tie back to the business.

3. Renovate the content.

Highly effective, entertaining content takes time and energy to design and by finding opportunities to optimize recycled material, you are maintaining optimum performance. The repositioning of material always helps you to meet a wider market. Let’s say, for example, that your podcast team has published a high-performing podcast episode. Why not turn the topic of the episode into a blog post?

content marketing tips

Alternatively, maybe you’ve written a blog post that’s done substantially well. Now you might try making a YouTube video that addresses a specific subject to attract an audience who chooses video over text. You’re occupied with your writers, listeners, and supporters. Consider actually applying a new brand marketing plan on a piece of material that requires a resurfacing.

4. Ensure that your brand remains stable across all channels.

If you are visiting Spotify’s Twitter page, YouTube channel, or coming across one of their billboard advertisements, you can easily get a sense of the funny, candid, youthful voice of the brand. That’s what makes me feel linked to Spotify. The unwavering faith in the brand, whichever platform I want to participate in. Even if you have a marketing department of 30 people, it’s important that you continue to deliver common messages that resonate with the identity and beliefs of your company across platforms. A viewer will be able to watch one of your YouTube videos, then click a link to a blog post and say, “Ah, yeah-this is certainly the same business.”

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5. To track your results, focus on the analytics.

Quality content is vital, but if your visitors and viewers don’t turn into customers it doesn’t mean anything for your company. That’s why analytics is so critical. By closely observing, measuring, analyzing, and recording the data, you’ll be able to assess what is, what isn’t, and what could work better. Traffic is critical but you do need to focus on conversion levels. Your Facebook account may have only 1,000 followers — instead your blog has 7,000 readers. Your Facebook account, though, has a seven percent conversion score, and your blog just converts to around.01.


While your blog is relevant for an introductory exposure to your market, this will remind you that your Instagram is vital for revenue and should not be overlooked. However, working on analytics would help you optimize and develop your plan for the future. For example, let’s say you notice that your blog readers are particularly interested in e-commerce related topics about your blog. You may opt to work more on e-commerce issues, which would boost traffic (signal your followers are pleased with your content). Make sure you invest time and money where it counts.

If you maintain and invest efforts into your content, you can expect to grow at an unbelievable speed. Content is eye candy to your visitors so learn to use that to your advantage. If you need assistance in managing and improving your content, Vebudo Vision is more than happy to assist you. I hope these 5 awesome content marketing tips help your business succeed. Let me know down below in the comments what you think of these tips.

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