Product & Packaging Design

A great package will make your product pop. And fall off the shelf (into customers’ carts). Get a custom packaging design from Vebudo Vision, and our designers will create something you’ll love.

A product is known by the design of its Packaging

Why packaging design is so important?

The more attention you receive from the customer the higher chance there is to increase your revenue. The packaging is a vital element in marketing, therefore, making it important to have a distinctive creative design that will catch the eye of your potential consumers. Many shopping trades and conversions happen through impulsive shopping. An alluring packaging will give your customers the nudge they need to choose your products from the rest.

Make your product stand out

In packaging, appearance matters the most. But also simplicity in design plays a huge role as well when it comes to design. The customer should not only be able to identify your product but also should be able to understand the contents of it with ease. If the design is attractive but fails at helping your customers understand you as a brand then the purpose of having a distinctive design will be lost. Having a distinctive design will not only help your customers recognize your brand but also will help them in the future when they come to repurchase it. If it’s a package which wouldn’t stand out from your competitors then turning first time purchasers into continuous customers may be hard as they would not be able to identify as an individual brand. We at Vebudo Vision ensure to deliver nothing less than an exceptional design.

Box, bag or bottle: you’ll be a top-shelf stand-out.

Contrasting with other types of design, product packaging is one which is super touchy-feely.  Therefore it is important to understand your consumers and deliver a design which will be easy-to-understand, attractive packaging that invites them to choose your product to carry home. Our designers are masters of the latest updates, trends, and they are outside the box thinkers when it comes to design. Prepare for perfect packaging designs with print-ready files.

  • Let your products stand out with our unique packaging
  • Deliver an unforgettable un-boxing and user experience
  • Personalized for your product

Package Graphics

Elevate your package designs and charm your customers with your identity. Even if you already have a packaging design and looking for an upgrade our team of experts will assist you to upgrade your Brand Identity amongst your competitors. We offer:

  • Tailored unique labels and graphics for your products
  • Produce a strong visual identity for your brand
  • Opening a pathway to engage with customers
  • Your products are ensured to stand out with unique packaging
  • Deliver a memorable un-boxing user experience
Product & Packaging Design

Our Process…..

Prior to any planning in designing, it is important to first understand the competitors in your industry and their strategic methods. We also run a thorough research on the expectations of your consumers, what they are attracted to, the latest trends, etc. Once we have analyzed all these functions and have a clear understanding of the market we will proceed to focus on your business. How it is significant from the rest and focus on those key areas.With the gathered information our team of experts will come up with a strategic design that will represent you as a brand and make your presence as a brand stand out from the rest. Next, we will take a holistic approach to create the perfect design through various illustrations and aesthetics. Finally, when the final design is approved by your company we will then run a mock test with a similar consumer base and improve the shortcomings that may arise. Next, we will create a sample package to test the quality of the materials as our final step.

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