Logo Designing

A logo doesn’t sell it identifies – Paul Rand

The foundation of your brand starts with a powerful striking logo. It has the power of persuasion and solidity of presence to set the tone of your identity as a brand. While we pursue to keep up with the industry standards and latest design trends, we design a logo that will perfectly capture your company message and deliver to your consumers. Having worked with a vast number of companies, our fine-tuned process in logo creation will create the perfect logo for your company.

Our Process

A logo is a small, but potent, piece of commercial real estate. Our Fine-tuned processes of creation will deliver nothing less than exceptional.


We explore the industry, your competitors and your company to gather sufficient data to deliver and outstanding logo. During the research process we tend to get a better understanding our client wishes to convey through their content and also grasp the new trends within the industry to incorporate in the design.

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Logo Designing


From the collected data our designers get to work in sketching a potential logo design. We portrait our clients’ ideas to paper after several discussions with our client and familiarizing with their business concept. These rough sketches, design concepts that will be developed into a user-centric logo that captures your values.

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This is the process of converting to your company logo into a computerized embroidery format. Our trained digitizers will turn your logo into a digital embroidery design according to the specified request made by you. This will help turn your logo into a cultural icon as you can promote it to people’s minds by making it visually accessible i.e. embroidered on clothes with the highest quality.

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A color of the logo is the first imprint or impression which is made on a person when they first come across your brand. Therefore it is important to have good color combination that will make your brand stand out but also be embedded in a potential customer. We take a holistic approach while creating the logo when it comes down to use of color, fonts and other elements. Our main goal is to create a logo that attracts ones senses towards it instantly.

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Final Logo

After everything is finalized we present you the designed logo to ensure it is spot-on and achieved what you imagined your logo would be. If further touch-ups are necessary we will work alongside you to ensure the logo we offer is in perfect sync your message and who you are as a company. The logo handcrafted will be one with a touch of uniqueness and elegance that helps you shine.

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Vebudo Vision consists of a team of visualist who helps bring brand their own individual identity in the industry by creating attractive striking logos. Every logo is designed personally to suit your brand and make it stand out from the rest.

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