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Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to invest in marketing. This also means you have a very big competition when it comes to standing out among the other. The easiest way to stand out if by having engaging posts. Engaging content is the secret to growing scope and engagement with your Facebook Profile. If you have good content and engaging posts, the chances of attracting users to your brand increase greatly. If you’re curious about what kind of posts on your Facebook business page that will resonate with your audience, I have put together a list of interactive Facebook post ideas that are guaranteed to help increase your engagement. 

Attractive product photos

This one might seem too simple. Of course, you want to share photos of your product on your Facebook business post. But to have interactive Facebook posts, highlight your products in creative ways. How do you showcase your products with or without someone modeling them? Think of flat lays, holiday-related themes, or shots of use or application, and more. When you have really clean, creative pictures showing off your pictures, it keeps the viewers engaged. Tell a story with it, something for the viewers to talk about. Try keeping up with trends and memes. Maybe one of your products is used in memes. You never know when a creative opportunity may come up. It’s known that pictures speak louder than words.

interactive Facebook posts

Giveaways and contests for viewers

Do you want a surefire way of capturing user attention and increasing engagement? Host a contest or a giveaway prize that would interest your target audience. It’s a perfect way to maximize visibility, brand recognition, participation, and total followers. We think it’s important to the target market and if you gave away anything like an iPad, it might actually attract anyone to join. Alternatively, if you’re a bodybuilding-focused club, you may want to pick a reward that’s a lot more specialized, like an entrance into a nearby contest or a year’s protein powder supply. The best price for a contest or giveaway is a product or a subscription to your service, but consider what else would only interest your specific audience if your business operates a bit differently.

Check different posting frequencies

What I love most about social media marketing is that for any company there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While some general best practices can remain, there will also be some ideas and strategies around advertising that work differently in some industries than others. This is why it’s a smart idea to check various posting frequencies and see what works for your company and your audience. Many media companies find that they have enough content and demand that they post each hour or so to their Facebook page, while other B2B companies may post new content only once a week. Trying out different frequencies is a good idea until you find your happy medium for creating content and engaging the audience.

interactive Facebook posts

Ask an engaging question

One perfect way to launch conversations with the audience is simply by posing questions. It seems so basic, and for every post, you shouldn’t use this but it’s still a powerful strategy. Think creatively about the sorts of questions you might pose. You should work to get real market feedback from both the media and consumer input. Figure out how you can ask your audience fun relevant questions related to your industry. This might even get you some valuable insight that might boost your growth. From their answers, you could also generate ideas for potential material. This is a great interactive Facebook posts idea you could try out next time.

Share content off of blogs

Publishing content with added value is important to a digital marketing strategy. And it is recommended that you do this in a blog located on your website to promote your business and increase web traffic via Social Media. So, as experts explain, it is not enough to paste a link to your article and share it on your Fan Page. In the opposite, incorporating a summary to the paper is even more successful, preferably a quoted text from the blog post, stimulating interest and attracting readership. It should be remembered that retaining high-quality articles is important such that the audience considers them interesting, enjoyable, insightful, or instructional.

interactive Facebook posts

Take advantages of publication formats offered to you

Logically it’s necessary to get to know your audience and get them interested in your offers in order to increase sales. In your publications, therefore, you should include promotional content so that your products, services, benefits, and more are displayed. Photographs, videos, blog posts, etc can be used. But please, you shouldn’t go too far!  That to the audience, you will become a spammer, meaning, showing an unnecessary amount of advertisements, attracting rejection, because no one wishes to see ads all day long. Prioritize your Facebook content’s intrinsic value so that users find your posts truly helpful, informative, or educational; in short, they find it fascinating enough to follow you on this social network.

Inspire or motivate your users

Motivational quotes have excellent social media outcomes because we all need a little “push” to inspire us every day. We recommend that you include them in your publications, for this reason. Furthermore, they are ideal to reflect your company’s values! So we recommend you search on Google for the best quotes and model phrases in your field or for important entrepreneurs in general, so you can share them with your audience on your Fan Page. The subjects can be motivational, amusing, or inspiring. We suggest that you use text in a photograph or background picture to draw users and have the best results.

Using a platform such as Facebook is a great way for you to increase user recognition. Your brand can establish a good image in the eyes of your consumer. It’s a place you can have fun and show off to. It’s all about having your own personality while navigating the business world. If this seems like too much stress to you, Vebudo Vision is a great way for you to get everything done easily. We can handle all your social media efforts so you don’t have to stress over it. Contact us for further details. I hope you enjoyed these tips to Increase engagement with interactive Facebook posts. Let me know in the comments below.

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