Digital Marketing The hidden truth in Digital Marketing in the New Normal

With the world suffering from the corona virus in a medical aspect, it brought a massive amount of consequences to the world economically, financially and politically. Most successful and world renowned businesses have been declared bankruptcy or they are running at massive losses. Marketing has to be done in an approach completely opposite of the way we have been doing already. Digital marketing is the best method to market your products after the 2010s. Approaching your customer through digital marketing in this post-covid era, needs changes.

During one of our previous blogs we have discussed the tips, do’s and don’ts of digital marketing. In this blog we are trying to find out the hidden truth to plan out a successful digital marketing campaign amidst the consequences faced due to the global pandemic. This truth can be told in simple terms as being customer oriented or human oriented. We need to focus on the customer and adapt our products and the business to what the consumers require.

Engage and listen to your target audience

This is a vital factor during this period because the needs of the consumers have changed. Sometimes how you market your product might drift even your customer base to another. The way you market the product should be aligned with the customer’s needs. You can look into the reviews made by your customers in social media and the other feedback websites. These comments might be bad about the product or the service you have been selling. The criticism would help you to understand what the customers actually require from your business. You should also try to align your values and goals with the customer’s needs. Hence your brand would be optimized and you would be able to enhance your brand.

Along with adjusting your business you could also engaging in different projects that would benefit the customer during this phase. An internet company could change the charging procedure from monthly basis to whenever the customer can or yoga or a dancing class could conduct free sessions through their social media pages. Connecting with the customers through live sessions too would help to understand what the customers actually require. Most businesses can be seen having live conferences and live webinars to enhance their brand.

Be loyal to your customer

Maintaining customer loyalty is too an important aspect. It could be seen that most large companies who have declared bankruptcy have been unable to maintain the loyalty they had with their customer base. First you should notify your customers that your product would be able to help any issue that has arisen from this pandemic. This can happen by promoting your business through special offers, discounts. You could send email campaigns or social media campaigns to boost your loyalty with your customers. If your business has a mobile application you could have the option of giving out news alerts relating to the pandemic.

You have to eventually build trust with the customers because they would be confident enough to have relationship with the product and the business. You should be open, honest and consistent on what you say and do. The things you say in a campaign should align with whatever you are trying to do. You should never show the customer that you are prioritizing profit over the loyalty. You should not show the customer that you are selling; instead you should show your customer that you are trying to help them.

Humanize your brand voice

People feel more discomfort, stress and anxiety than what they use to feel. They were trapped in their houses for months and they have fresh but negative attitudes towards the society. As a business you should be able to soothe psychological discomfort and reduce the pessimistic nature of the customers. You should show you understand the concerns they have. You could start off by changing your social media content to positive content. The content you post should be optimistic and should be able to bring a smile to your consumers face. They should be happy with buying your product because of the positive atmosphere you give out from the business.

Your content should be motivational, funny posts while it shouldn’t be a huge load at once. The content has to be simple as possible and can be delivered through social media posts and blog marketing. They should be relevant to your product, your purpose you give during this time and most important should make the customers positive about what is going to happen next. Engaging in consumer social responsibility projects through digital marketing would be a value addition to your business as well.

Humanizing your entire process of marketing would be vital. Vebudo Vision will be applying these trends for our future clients and help you to overcome any digital marketing related needs and wants you require.

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