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Regardless of what business you might have started, growth is always what keeps it going. Now if you’re sticking to the traditional approach of marketing, you can’t play with the possibility of growth. Taking that extra step that other competitors are not willing to take will give you a heads up. These hacks are the ultimate guide to towards it.

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone”

John Maxwell

You really have to think outside the box and take risks. But I’m here to help you minimize these risks by hacks that have already assured growth in many businesses. Try to follow up on these hacks for actionable ways to supercharge your growth.

1. Ask uncomfortable questions

Now in order to grow, you really have to be ready to receive negative feedback about your business. Correcting them is the first step in growing. It’s important to let your customers, consumers, users, and even staff ask skeptical and difficult questions about your business.

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This opens your eyes to every aspect of the business. Things you might not have even considered a problem. Conduct interviews and ask customers why they didn’t purchase your product. You can reward them with a gift card, but give them permission to be brutally honest.

This broadens your overview of the business and might even create new business ideas. If you want to grow, you have to be ready to hear things that are not so thrilling to hear.

2. Give away small prizes

One of the great hacks is giveaways, They are great growth techniques for any business. We all love to win something, especially when it’s free. The idea of winning and achieving something is a great motivator for your customers.

We all remember the hype of iPhone giveaways all over social media. But, take a minute to question if it really played out? you see it might not be the best idea for two reasons.

Number one: marketers like to ruin a good concept. When winning an iPad was first introduced the audience got excited and quickly huddled around the concept. But, soon enough everyone started doing it, bringing the concept to ‘peak fatigue’. the consumers found it too common and boring. It lost its charm. So you see, you have to push beyond the typical giveaway to real sweep the customer of their feet.

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Second reason: The second reason why the overplayed iPhone giveaway doesn’t work because it seems farfetched. people don’t like the idea of giveaways that are ‘too good to be true’. They want to see something that seems achievable. For example, a gift box with a bunch of your products in attractive packaging. Now, this seems more realistic, people would want to give their email to enter the draw, or follow you on social media to stand a chance to win.

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So try to give away smaller and more approachable gifts, to really get the users engaged. Go beyond what everyone is doing and try to stand out.

3. Delegate with outsourcing

When you start looking at all the areas you have to fix in order to grow, your budget might slap you in the face. Hiring new employees and paying salaries might not be available to you. So delegating the workload might become a critical yet unattainable task with your already running staff.

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So how exactly do you get things done? Well, we are in a fantastic era of side-hustle. There’s a tremendous amount of qualified individuals all looking for side work and willing to do it on a very limited budget. You will be able to get a load of work done within a few days for a low budget. No need for hiring an employee just for this. Simple yet effective hacks.

4. Capitalize on FOMO

As humans, we have the tendency to have what we cannot and FOMO is the fear of missing out. You see when you optimize this technique wisely into your business, you can gain amazing results.

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Making the customer fear that they are somehow missing out will create a desire within them to somehow acquire whatever it is you’re selling. This can be done by giving out limited edition offers, displaying a low stock warning on your website, a countdown on a sale or you could have an exclusive opportunity only available to select members. Try to find ways to include FOMO into your next marketing campaign.

5. Show up often

When concentrate on targeting a specific audience, your brand will seem more prominent, due to how frequently it shows up. This is really helpful when you are looking to build awareness or scale visibility on whatever campaign you’re running. 

A great method to gain visibility is always engaging in social media and hack the algorithm. Let it be Twitter or Instagram, you’ll have a feed of content most relevant for you. Interact with this content through different methods. You see the algorithms will filter your responses to others that are deemed relevant. And if they engage or interact with your comment, they’ll see more and more interactions from you. So as you continue interacting, you’re going to start showing up often in the same spaces. You earn prominence and visibility. This is one of the great hacks to follow up on.

 6. Pitch using a video

Now if you’ve been trying the traditional method of an email your best pitching idea. It’s time to up your game. Take it to the next level by using a video instead. It’s not a big task, you just need a good camera and lights. Talk to them like you would if they were face to face. Tell them about you and your business idea or the product. Make it authentic and real. Be genuine.  Taking the time to record personalized videos, you’ll see that your leads will engage a whole lot more and likely, help you grow in your goals. Plus it’s creative, people want new things.

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7. The opportunity of In-group bias

Understanding the fundamentals of human behavior can ease your growth process as a business. People are likely to trust and listen to someone they perceive as the same. We seek out like-minded individuals and we trust them more. We often doubt people that are less similar to us. When you feel like someone is just like you. automatically you feel a connection towards them. This is called the ingroup bias when it comes to growth hacking you want to utilize this. This can be done in two methods.

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First method: Working with influencers. Now, influencers already have a large audience attached to them. Which is why this works so well. They have a group of sharing the same affinity.

Second method: Finding a common connection when selling one to one. Or you need to figure out means to do this at scale when managing larger campaigns. 

8. Securing reviews

When consumers search for a product online or even a service, you can be sure they check out the reviews. They understand a customer will be more honest than and employee when talking about the business. They want an unbiased opinion. Especially if it’s online shopping. They want to know if someone else actually received the product, was it of good quality, did the shipping occurs in time…etc. So having good reviews about your business is an important hack, when attracting a new customer.

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Now if you’re just a starting business you might not have reviews yet. But it’s important to ask for some. It may be from early adopters, maybe happy customers, even friends, and family.  You also want to make sure these reviews are unbiased and authentic. Consumers are tricky, they can see right through fake reviews, so be honest. They will use this to validate your business and future engagement. you want to be securing reviews on external sites such as Google, Yelp and Trustpilot. But that doesn’t indicate that you need to diminish the value of having reviews hosted on your own website as well.

9. Repeat yourself in style

You ever go to the restaurant and order the same thing even though you promised yourself to be adventurous. Well we all do, this is because as humans we seek the comfort of familiarity. we want things that feel familiar to us.

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You can use these psychological hacks to grow as a business. When you repeatedly show up on every platform you create familiarity in the customers’ head. Repetition produces familiarity, and familiarity is security.

The customer will feel as if this brand is everywhere I go, so this must be a good popular brand. When in reality you simply target your consumer and show up where they go. You only need to repeat yourself to the target audience. So figure out who you want to target, find out where they invest their attention in and let your brand show up there as frequently as possible.

10. Use a great email signature

Every time you send an email you are creating a great touchpoint for your brand. Your email signature can be used as a hidden advertisement to anyone who views it. It can be used as a great opportunity to draw attention to any relevant marketing campaigns or information about your business. 

You can go beyond the traditional way of – including the website links- to adding a call-to-action to something relevant. This could get you additional engagement from users. you could add a link to a white paper, a recent press release, a video you watched, or a new blog article. But, it’s incredibly important to remember to change it up at least every two weeks. Nobody wants to see the blog every month.

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These are a few easy hacks you could follow to grow your business to larger scales. Sometimes growth starts with the little things. Let me know if any of these hacks helped in the process of your growth in the comment section below. If you know any other tips, please don’t be shy to share them too.

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