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As a community, we were not ready for the sudden outburst of the coronavirus. It took us all by surprise leaving us shocked and locked in our houses. We received a big blow to our economy leaving businesses dumbstruck. The marketing budget is always the first thing to go in times of crisis but it shouldn’t. At this moment it is more important than ever to keep the consumers updated and involved. But during this phase, marketers need to develop a strategy to discover new ways of connecting. Consider these guidelines for digital marketing during coronavirus pandemic.

It is in times such as these your marketing plan should be structured and adapted the most. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to consider while re-evaluating the digital marketing strategy following the Coronavirus. Consider them when implementing your plan in order to make a significant change.

Here’s what you should do in digital marketing during COVID-19

Stop any automatic messages which would not make sense today

It is the universe of COVID-19, we are all trapped inside it. This may be the sensible time to re-evaluate your script and copy for accuracy reasons, depending on the business. You have to analyze all the automated messages that are to be sent to your customers. As an airline, for example, it might not be a perfect idea to send an email asking passengers to book a holiday. Have a look at a current message and ask yourself if the ad positioning is correct at this moment and in this context. This might create a wrong impression in the minds of your customers. It’s a sensitive time for everyone, so be very careful about how you market yourself.

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Nurture your presence in social media

If Coronavirus has influenced your company, and ad spending is a concern, consider refocusing some of your energies on your own media, such as blogs, emails, and organic SEO. Do some keyword analysis for your business and its implementations on the top search terms, and insert those keywords into the content you generate. Now is a great time to slow down and focus on the areas you would have missed or avoided in a different time. Take advantage of being at home and online with people providing entertaining content via email promotions. If you don’t have one now, now is a perfect time to build a comprehensive marketing campaign for content.

digital marketing during coronavirus pandemic

Have digital marketing in the crisis response strategy

Coronavirus is our current problem but it will surely not be our last one. But big companies were not prepared for the commercial effects this disease would bring. When your company has a disaster management strategy, considering tailoring it to suit your digital marketing activities. Determine future threats for your company, what kinds of posts need to be stopped or reconfigured, who owners of the material are in your business, and general solution approaches. Conduct some “storm drills” for the squad to see if the strategy can hold to when the next disaster occurs.

digital marketing during coronavirus pandemic

Here’s what you shouldn’t do in digital marketing during COVID-19

Do not cancel your paid advertisements at this time

If you are thinking of stopping any of your paid advertisements already laid out, let me stop you right there. Consider this a set back, not the end of the world. When reassessing your digital marketing activities, note this isn’t the time to delete all the paying ads. There are possibilities within every situation and all those that stop all their paying activities will be left behind once things start rolling again. People are more so than ever online at this period. Companies are still moving and consumers are still pursuing your services. Rather than putting the brakes on everything, look at the most successful campaigns and move the money into those. Now is a perfect time for innovation and creativity. Think to yourself, Is there a way through all the confusion that your brand can be important and helpful to others?

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Don’t ignore your social media during this crisis

Although most of our news feeds are filled with COVID-19 content, that doesn’t mean you need to abandon your own social updates. Find opportunities to break through the news cycle with important and timely posts about your own company. When our social communication opportunities are diminishing, more people turn to social networking platforms to communicate with others. So try to stay relevant in this time within your customer base. Even if you fall behind on news updates you can take the time to be creative and try to bring a smile to your customer’s face. If all the posts on social media are negative, then be that change and bring in something positive. Always remember that now is not the time to think of sales but rather the people.

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Don’t stop your digital marketing efforts

Coronavirus pandemic has impacted many businesses all over the world in digital marketing. So it’s important to understand that you are not alone in this crisis. You should not mentally isolate yourself from your business. Giving up is not the answer to this problem. We have seen how difficult it has been for people and at times the coping mechanism of people fails. But we as a community need to face the future in a brave manner. For any marketing professional, overseeing an undertaking your marketing activities now can be overwhelming. But an accomplished team can help tremendously.

You definitely have a lot to do right now, depending on the profession and the type of business you do. Taking one thing off your plate by giving a devoted team of digital marketing experts all your digital marketing burden can help tremendously. So if at all you feel the need to ask for help, Vebudo Vision is just a click away.

digital marketing during coronavirus pandemic

Life is unexpected in many ways and we as a community have to face whatever it is that get’s thrown at us. Coronavirus impacted us in a way we never thought possible, yet we are still surviving. So to all the businesses out there, don’t give up! better days are around the corner. I hope the guidelines for digital marketing during coronavirus pandemic I have provided helps you in some way. If you need any help with digital marketing, we are here to help and if you are looking to move into remote working, Vebudo Reach is also available for you. Stay safe everyone.

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