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Most of us are locked in our houses trying to manage work online. Coronavirus came to us in waves, affecting us more and more each day. Many federal agencies are scaling up policies to shield their workers from the economic effects of widespread self-isolation. There are also a few reliable tools to support employers’ and employees’ plans for COVID-19, such as this WHO guide. But support can be difficult to obtain for the self-employed and small business owners. Overall businesses are now turning to their computers for better insight. So let’s find out how to combat the COVID-19 impact with SEO & Marketing Tasks.

Now is the time to stay the course and get to grips with all the highly impactful SEO and marketing projects that you have had on the back burner. Whether you’re partnering for an agency or doing in-house ads, there are things that you can get the employees to focus on when they are isolating themselves and operating remotely. How will the company withstand the economic effects of an epidemic of COVID-19?

 SEO and Marketing activities to do now for a better recovery from COVID-19

Act on your Plan for online review strategy 

The web is loaded with businesses that have not responded to online comments. Even though its the best insight we have of the customers’ minds. You don’t have to go back to the dawn of time to answer each question, but you can start with the most recent. Now is a good time to make sure that the most current comments have a constructive response. 

SEO & Marketing Tasks

Develop a review policy too, if you’ve got a strong choice, hire an employee to handle the online reviews now. Write down any sample replies and use them to go over client marketing. Coach them on reacting to bad comments and report back on raising concerns about legal customer service to the right person. Give them the ability to track comments and get alerts. Show them what you expect in terms of calculating feedback interest and monthly coverage.

Show some love to your website

All those long days in the office with meeting after meeting. HR problems in financing your marketing budget we all know how hectic it can get. But now, it’s like time slowed down. Now you have a few minutes to look back at your business and most importantly focus on the digital marketing aspect of things. Coronavirus has provided you with the perfect time to finally look through your website.

SEO & Marketing Tasks

Do you remember how the SEO was never right, but you didn’t have enough time to check it out. Well, it’s about time you start paying attention to all the details you missed before. It’s time to give your website some love. But if at all it seems too difficult for you, here at Vebudo Vision we can help you out. 

Pick out the unnatural links

Did you know that there are some unnatural links lurking on your website? It’s really important to seek them out and destroy and backlinks that may seem unnatural. In one case, a website had incurred a manual penalty from Google but reached a top 3 ranking within weeks of deleting a disavow file and eliminating more than 1,900 unwanted links. In another, after creating thousands of artificial ties, a platform lost 82 percent of its traffic.


There are a number of different ways that unnatural ties can happen and not all of them are intentional. So take the time that you have been given and make sure the backend of your website is squicky clean because god knows what kind of creepy links have crawled in while you were busy.

Edit and update your Google my business profile for local Clients

Since the majority of the people are locked indoors, they will turn to their local stores for convenient methods of getting their goods. Now if you’re trying to reach your consumer base, I suggest you start changing your ways. Updating your Google my business profile is a great SEO and marketing task. Now is a good time to consider working special hours for your customers to show that you care. Promoting and taking care to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Offering delivery over dine can be added to the list too. It’s time to bring in some changes.

SEO & Marketing Tasks

Google allows local companies to use the GMB portal services that are available to let consumers know what’s changed. Check your hours and company summary, share Facebook Posts with updates and discounts, and make sure that your contact details are right in case people want to find you.

Find a method of outreach during COVID -19

Whether or not it is necessary to reach out to your clients during a pandemic depends solely on the form of your company, the current customer relationship and the intent of the contact. You don’t want it to seem like a pushy sales act. Now is the time to build a relationship not increase sales. So think to yourself, are customers used to regularly hearing from you via email, SMS or social media? If so don’t let that relationship disappear.

Keep away from tacky disaster-related promotions. What you should do is be imaginative and talk about whether you can provide reassurance, social ties or practical help through COVID-19. Let clients know if your company is improving or adjusting to support them and your staff. Encourage dialogue and be honest when it comes to addressing questions or complaints.

Take aim at different forms of SERPS

Each SERP is special, even for search queries conducted using the same keywords or search queries on the same search engine. This is because nearly all search engines tailor their users ‘experience by providing results based on a wide variety of variables outside their terms of search, such as the geographic position of the user, browsing background, and social settings.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve not yet had time to worry about being more creative than providing a search profile with good SEO and maybe trying to combine your organic and PPC activities for good coverage. Now that you will have a little bit of time and space to dig deeper, you may map your domination of position zero, video carousels, paragraph snippets, etc. This is a great SEO and marketing task you could use to increase organic page google ranking.

So let’s not give up our efforts and try to combat COVID-19 to the best of our ability. I hope these SEO & marketing tasks help you out when making decisions in this crisis. If at all you feel lost in all your digital marketing activities, Vebudo Vision will be by your side to help. Contact us and we can decide the most financially efficient way to move forward. Till then, stay safe everyone and maintain social distancing. 

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