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Inbound marketing has grown drastically in the past several years. Businesses everywhere are opening up to the idea of engaging with an inbound marketing program. The reason for this is the way it can help turn your traffic into potential leads or actual customers. It has a way of attracting the users to your website and bonding them to your business. This is where inbound marketing approaches come into play. If your company is second-guessing fully committing to this marketing technique or simply don’t have a clue as to how to initiate it, I’ll help you out. Read through these 7 incredible inbound marketing approaches to change your marketing game.

Inbound marketing approaches are generally less expensive, have a broader range of benefits and will produce a higher rate of return over the long term. So, consider the following inbound marketing strategies, which are among the most common, if those benefits resonate with you. They’re critical for all new startups at this point:

1. Social media marketing

Social media has grown to be the easiest platform to get your content and business globally. With the large audience base and highly active users, all it takes is some consistency to get your brand across. quality content will definitely be rewarded in organic search by Google over time, promoting blog articles on social media right away is essential for businesses and their employees. Posting these articles on business accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as any other platform you think fits is highly beneficial for inbound marketing.


Throw your on-site and off-site material into syndication here and there will be even more incentive for your fans to hang around. Social media alone can produce a steady stream of traffic to your web and create your brand, but its real power amplifies the impact of your other marketing strategies coming in.

 2. Attractive blogs

Blog writing is key when it comes to your inbound marketing approaches. Blogs are a fun and interesting way for users to engage with your business. It provides helpful information for your users to read and implement into their lives. This is why it plays a major role when attracting organic traffic onto your website.

inbound marketing approaches

But the fundamental problem associated with blog writing is that results won’t show up over-time. Lots of patience and consistency have to be integrated into this process. Google rewards consistency, so you can expect an exponential traffic increase after around 55-70 articles through a dedicated publishing schedule of at least one article per week, accompanied by steady growth as you continue to publish regularly. But you knew from the moment you started your business that it was not gonna be an overnight success. The only way to come to the top is through hard work and dedication. To implement a blog posting plan and stick to it.

3. Email marketing

A purposeful email composed directly to the target user base is crucial for providing the right content at just the right time. It allows you a cost-effective way to promote your business in ways such as, new blog articles to blog subscribers, new advanced content pieces to those who have opted for email communications, business events and or giveaways…etc. 

inbound marketing approaches

It revolves around providing subscribers with content, increasing their loyalty and retention while also setting up a regular stream of traffic back to your site. Email marketing also helps develop an integrated workflow strategy- delivering targeted content to various contact lists to help them move through the sales funnel.

4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Let’s say you have some bomb content on your website, with beautifully composed blogs and articles. But don’t have a good SEO strategy implemented. Well, that means your content will get lost in the search results never to be seen by your target audience. Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But the truth is if you don’t have a search engine optimization plan set in, your content can never be found organically. Quality SEO starts with keyword research and a well-defined keyword strategy that focuses on words and phrases that are likely to be searched by your target people. 

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On-site and off-site content marketing will give you significant fuel to increase awareness of your search. On-site content draws inbound links, while off-site content creates links directly to your site. The higher your website has high quality, useful inbound links, the higher it will rank in search engines. There are so many other components to SEO that you need about, read- ‘How to increase SEO results for more traffic’ to know more.

5.Video content 

This has been a recent increase in video content and it is predicted that by 2021 video traffic will account for approximately 80 percent of consumer Internet traffic! Plain and simple, there’s no better time to use video as part of your inbound marketing strategy than right now.

inbound marketing approaches

Today’s generation naturally enjoys watching a quick video over reading pages of content. It’s efficient, fun and informative for the user to watch. Not to mention the wide ranges of social media platforms that welcome video content with both arms. It’s because users interact with it more than they normally would or a blog.

Plus there’s a better chance of it being shared and reposted by your users. There’s a wide range of video content that can stimulate your prospects’ interest, including consumer testimonials, product demo videos, case studies, and video blogging. The aim is to educate the public about the importance of those products or services. If you need creative video content created our specialists at Vebudo Vision can help you out.

6. On-site and off-site content marketing

Another great tactic from the ‘inbound marketing approaches’ is on-site and off-site content marketing. The promotion of content on-site is beneficial in a number of ways. It not only brings new content to your website, but this also keeps your current readers and consumers engaged with your brand. Helping you to increase customer retention.

inbound marketing approaches

You will need to provide highly detailed, original and useful content, not always simple or straightforward; but with a steady stream of high-quality content. On-site Content marketing also fuel your social media and email campaigns and boosts your search rankings

Your off-site content marketing strategy will work in a similar way, encouraging you to produce well-written, focused, valuable content, but instead of publishing it on your own site, you will publish it on a different site. The benefit here is the opportunity to gain exposure with new audiences, who might not otherwise have heard of you. You’ll get referral traffic, and as you work your way up to bigger and better publishers your brand reputation will steadily grow.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively simple in nature, but actually implementing it is a little more difficult. The concept is to target “influencers” in your industry. These are opinion leaders, movers, and shakers who carry your niche’s strongest reputations and the largest portion of audiences. By partnering with those influencers on joint content ventures or even harmless social media exchanges, you can cross-pollinate your audiences and gain a better reputation by proxy.

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The hardest part is to find the most likely influencers to help your brand reach exposure. They must be able to convince them to engage with your campaign. You have to find someone who regularly engages with your target audience. If you can do that, your on your way to success. This approach is also very widely used in inbound marketing.

Try implementing these inbound marketing approaches into your marketing plan. you can truly start seeing differences in your conversion rates. I hope you see the value each of these approaches has and how they are interconnected when implementing. If these inbound marketing strategies helped you out, let me know down below.

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