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COVID-19 took us all by surprise in an unexpected manner, from small households to major companies all over the world. The global economy itself faces a major blow as stock markets plummeted as unemployment raised. These are tough times for everyone and learning to navigate these sensitive times as brand marketers can be difficult. It must be done with caution.  Those more traditional industries need to do better. Especially in those sectors that are hardest hit – travel, hospitality, retail sections– how do you keep your brand in the minds of the consumers without causing more harm than good? Let’s find out 5 Brand marketing messaging strategies you could use during coronavirus pandemic.

If you are considering keeping quiet in hopes of avoiding conflict through communication, I suggest you rethink it. Yet keeping quiet could generate even worse risks than misplacing one foot. We actually have no idea when or how the infection will subside, or how it will remove the various restrictions. It can be gradual, happening over months. When the company is sustaining radio silence now, at what stage is it no longer disrespectful to start sending out messages again?. If it takes until the fall for things to start feeling “normal again,” your consumers may forget about your brand entirely.

05. Be clear on what you will and will not offer during the COVID-19 crisis

You really have to take the time to inform your consumers how you have chosen to work during this period. Let them know if you are still running your business activities during this time. If your store is closed for customers yet the facility of buying online is available, LET YOUR CUSTOMER KNOW. Put it on the website’s front page and start pinning dedicated media posts.


When there are limits on what customers can purchase, make sure that they are aware of what they are. Try to ensure the communications are synchronized through various channels. COVID-19 has brought distress to everyone, so try your best to be as helpful as you can. But also remember to follow WHO guidelines when conducting your business. We must obey the laws and follow the advice given to us by our health executives.

4. Make sure your content is audited across all platforms

You have to be very observant as a business on what is happening in all the platforms around the world. Especially in your industry. Check the recent communications and platforms to make sure you’re not tone-deaf to the present situation. You don’t want to be the only insensitive business on the platforms sharing information that’s completely irrelevant to the global situation.

Brand marketing strategies during coronavirus

If you’re in the travel or hospitality business, this can mean you’ll have to start all over again. Since the hospitality industry took a big hit from the coronavirus your presence in the industry has to be very cautious. If you are in the eCommerce industry pay attention and focus on selling goods, that could be of high interest in this crisis. 

3. Make sure you have right communications hierarchies

About every organization has sent letters to customers detailing how they are coping with the situation, but most of them do not provide any valuable details. When you are going to communicate, make sure it is important and take the time to discern between them. Place important material at the top of the document, where most people would actually read it.

Brand marketing strategies during coronavirus

Your emails or any form of massaging you use to communicate with your users must be structured accordingly. The hierarchy of the message has to be constructed to grab and inform the users within the first paragraph. If the most important information is at the bottom of your email, you won’t get the reach you anticipate.

2. Don’t be afraid to stress your attempts to help during Coronavirus pandemic

If your organization or workers can and is doing something to resolve the situation, then make sure the message is at the forefront. But only if you are doing something really good. If you are taking action to help out it’s alright to let your customers know.

Some businesses are taking measures to invite customers to wash their hands at their store. While some businesses changed their production to produce face masks to hand sanitizers. Whereas some restaurants open their doors for the homeless for shelter. Now is the time to look after one another. Profits can be made in the future, this is a period to lend a hand and take measures to ensure the safety of your consumers. These are also important actions that will definitely be recalled by customers after the Coronavirus situation dies down.

1.Avoid measures of profiting at all costs during COVID-19

If you are focusing on profiteering at a time like this I suggest you forget about customer loyalty. It is an absolute no-no. In the wake of reports that certain manufacturers have higher costs for critical protective equipment and disinfectant items. Customers would be seriously dissuaded from some products seeking to profit from the crisis.

Brand marketing strategies during coronavirus

Nevertheless, many businesses use the opportunity to deliver their services and goods to consumers in a manner that is flexible and consistent. Yet they do it with a business objective mind. Some companies provide free software, for example, and would raise new signups without being exploitative. This can be described in a manner that places the customer at the forefront. Even when the truth is a little different.

Brand marketing is not easy, especially with the given circumstances. But we must move forward with a heart full of hope that everything will go back to the way it was before. For that, we must continue our efforts and not give up. I hope these 5 Brand marketing messaging strategies help you in this coronavirus outbreak. At Vebudo Vision we encourage everyone to reach out for help in these tough times and help one another out. If you need any assistance in the digital marketing field, we got you covered. Stay safe everyone! and wash your hands!


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