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We have come to a time where digital marketing technologies are changing fast while consumer behaviors are getting harder and harder to predict. Your marketing team can no longer cross their fingers and hope the traditional ways will work. That’s why I have decided to bring to you 10 brand new digital marketing trends your marketing team simply cannot ignore. With this thriving age of innovations strive for the absolute best for your business.

It wasn’t too long ago Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and optimization of voice search engines (VSEO) were at one time impractical concepts considered crazy. Today these innovative trends in digital marketing are among the top priorities in 2020 for most business owners.

What starts as a seemingly contradictory move, unexpectedly turns into an unprecedented revolution in how consumers browse, evaluate and make online purchasing decisions. Here at Vebudo vision, we want all our clients to stay ahead of the fast-moving trends. So read on and find out what the new trends are, and how you can implement them into your business.

1. Product centered videos

A product-centered video is an explainer that illustrates the advantages of a product in an effective way. Visual has the potential to explain the story, personality, product or even mission of a brand faster than just words

 new digital marketing trends

You don’t have to worry about your consumers looking through 3 pages trying to understand what you are trying to sell. Instead, they can simply sit down and grab all the information regarding your product and service in a more memorable and fun way through a quick video.

What makes video as a marketing tool even more critical is how easily it can be shared across social media. Yes, some sites, including Youtube, Facebook are more than ever embracing video content.

2. Voice search

Voice search is taking over the rise of searches on Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants. The most important thing to remember is that, when speaking, people search differently than typing. 

 new digital marketing trends

It would be normal to see a search term like “canon 80d cost” over a typical Google keyboard search, but when someone searches through a voice search the queries are more conversational, and often longer.

A voice search would go along the line of “how much does a Canon 80d cost?”. Resulting in the voice search being a question like a manner rather than a statement. Although time and money have to be invested in research for voice search optimization, it’s evident for growth in the coming future.

3. Live stream videos

Consumers are slowly but surely moving towards Live stream videos over blogs. If your company is invested in blogs and content marketing then introducing live stream videos to your system may do wonders.

 new digital marketing trends

Pair this with the fact that nearly half of the users surveyed said they watched a live stream video at least once a week and a fifth of those same respondents watched live stream video once a day and you have a compelling argument for integrating this medium.

Many social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all make it quick and easy to create live video.

Your smartphone and active social media account are truly the only things you need to start a Livestream video. It’s cost-effective and easy to start. So why not give it a chance.

4. Podcast 

Everyone is trying to grab the user’s attention, trying new and creative ways. The podcast seems to be one of those ways that many have not started recognizing yet. So this may be one of the methods that you can get your hands on before your competitors. 

 new digital marketing trends

During the last decade, the number of people listening to podcasts has steadily increased. The figure is nearly tripled when you look at 2019 as opposed to 2009. It obviously quickly become a preferred method for learning and consuming information.

In a world where all advertisers are trying to catch attention, it’s worth noting the interaction levels with podcasts.

5. Personalized web experience 

Digital marketing trends vary and personalized web experience is a deal-breaker. You might already use cookie tracking and chatbot to really get a better understanding of the user. But personalized web experience goes far beyond this.

It’s moving beyond the scope of your business and really considering from the user’s point of view. Whenever a consumer comes to your website, the main question that runs in their mind is “how can they solve my problem?’ or “how can they provide me with something new ”. Notice how the user focuses on themselves. They come to you for a need they have. 

Now consider how many times you used “our” and “we” in your web content as appose to “you” or “your”. What’s the ratio between the two. The trick is to focus more on your buyer rather than your company. 

6. Google discover 

Did you know that without people searching for your content, you can have it identified organically? How wonderful does that sound? Google Discover generates a specific user feed based on browser history, AI, and specified interests.


You may have seen traffic linked to Googleapis.com if you keep a close eye on your website traffic. although this app is currently only available on Android smartphones and is easily accessible on Google Pixel phones. Google Discover features will soon be available on all of Google’s mobile browsers.

This is a growing upcoming source of referral traffic that can directly offer your content to interested prospects. It would not be a waste to invest in this great opportunity

7. Brand affinity

The primary goal of your business is to attract new customers and continue to grow the relationships with your existing customers. Traditionally marketing and website strategies have been developed in order to increase the number of consumers who are aware of your brand.

Focusing on awareness-building seems like a rational aim to help reach audiences right? Well maybe not. Keep in mind that today consumers choose to buy from companies to which they can relate and link to. A more personalized connection will eventually lead to trust which is a necessary component of digital sales.

Marketing with brand awareness in mind focuses on an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand and that introduces them.

Marketing with a brand affinity in mind focuses on building emotional connections around shared values with your existing customers. Your current customers will in return turn out to be your trusted promoters.

8. Conversational marketing (Chatbots)

80 percent of companies are already or are preparing to use chatbots by 2020, according to Business Insider. The idea behind chatbots was originally to have a unique way of automating contact with prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since employees cannot be available at that time range.

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Creating fast scripts and having a chatbot up and running is slowly declining as a viable marketing strategy for communication. With online chat software growing in popularity, you will need to fine-tune your approach to optimize performance.  

Seventy-nine percent of users use chatbots and live chat to get immediate responses. As a result, the aim of conversational marketing should be to provide these responses and allow visitors to have a tailor-made website experience.

9. Big data induced learning 

Big data industry in the world will continue to grow rapidly in 2020, which is great news for marketers you know how to harness the power of big data. A huge part of this role is down to the resources you’re using, which is something many companies find daunting.

If you know how to read data then you have the key to understanding the overall insight of the business. With the advantages of big data comes the need for businesses to exploit this data better to significantly simplify tasks that previously could only be performed by data scientists.  This one out of the new digital marketing trends is great if you get the right hang of it.

10. Social commerce 

Social media titans such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have made shopping and purchasing so much simpler for consumers without having to leave their phones. Industries can now create online stores on these devices, customize product catalogs for the social store and sell directly on those social media platforms.

You will reach an entirely new market and provide a smooth transaction without the customer ever hearing about your brand or visiting your website. All it takes is a nice shoppable post to attract and possibly purchase your product.

  If you sell demographic-friendly goods, social commerce is worth exploring. It is worth noting that this is still a relatively new market for digital sales, and therefore untested.

More and more trends rise as time pass by, so it’s important for your company to be up to date regularly. I hope these new digital marketing trends gave you a bit more insight into how to successfully grow your business to new heights. If you noticed more trends that definitely should be on the list. Let know down below.

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