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Your website is the glue that sticks your brand and consumers together. It’s the main anchor for all the digital marketing efforts successful. The website is the most important weapon in today’s marketing world than ever. Your website is a 24/7 salesman, and being such it should be the most important tool and the core of your marketing activities. Digital trends constantly evolving will make your website look obsolete and outdated. Although a renovation may often be desirable, you do not have the resources or capital to spend in such a massive undertaking. To help you conquer this challenge, I have assembled a list of 6 easy ways to improve your website for a better user experience.

With the current pandemic situation, I believe we all received some time to reflect and breathe. So if you have some time to spare I suggest now is the time to go over the hub of your marketing efforts. With users in distress, they turn to your website with hopes for a smooth surfing experience. So Let’s create a better user experience for all your customers

1.optimize your web page speed  

One of the most annoying things for web users is taking too long for a website to load. Since the rise of electronic apps, users all over the world access information on many different channels. When visiting an online shop or watching Television on their laptop, they expect a fast answer for the material they are searching for.  

Now is not the time to test the patience of your users especially with the given circumstances. Your users will normally bounce when the page becomes too slow. Slow page loading is an interrupting event for the user and it can be a source of annoyance and sometimes users just don’t have the patience to wait.

 improve your website for better user experience

So, where are you going from here? Get the score. Google provides a free service that helps you to get details about your page speed. Google can also provide you with tips to boost your Smartphone and Laptop load times. Start by compressing all of your photos before loading them onto your website to increase page speed. If at all this seems too much on your plate, hand it over to us and we can provide you carefully structured methods to solve your speed problem.

2. Using appealing CTAs (call to action) on a web page

Your consumers now have the habit of observing visual signals to assess which information is important to them. Calls to actions (CTAs) that are clearly labeled with a word for action allow users of your website to browse the site more quickly and get exactly what they want in the place they want to see it. 

 improve your website for better user experience

You should think about design and color. Think about the impression you want to elicit for a customer (trust, confidence, intelligence) as you create buttons for your website, and select the colors wisely. A second thing you should remember is the exact terminology that you are using for the keys. 

The terms will have a noun or a word of action that will excite the user to do something. The use of proper words or psychological stimuli is strongly influenced by the degree of emotional recognition triggered by the expression. Emotional relation means no action. so constrict a good landing page with a luring CTA button.

3. Using differentiation on hyperlinks

If you add a path to some website you suggest you want the user to click on it. Make sure links are clearly visually recognizable. Underlined text and text colored differently catches the reader’s eye and lets them know that this is a page to click on. She reveals in a study by Karyn Graves that the daily web user sees the blue and underlined text as links, and knows how to click on them. User preferences and what they already know about site use are tantamount to success.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to differentiation by hyperlinks. Here, sticking to the tradition may be your greatest friend. An easy way of checking how powerful the links are is by blurring and eliminating the color from the design and seeing what sticks out. Avoid stressing about the length of the hyperlink while hyperlinking so. The longer the titles of the reference the easier they are to recognize. If your hyperlink sticks out, then that means you’re good to go. This creates an easy user experience.

4. Utilize the images on your website wisely

People have become very vigilant when it comes to judging a website from a single glance. If they visit your site for the first time, they can conveniently select a popular stock picture that they have either seen somewhere or that is close to the non-personal type of stock photography. The use of stock imagery will minimize trust and therefore stand out as common and non-inconsistency means doing everything that matches.

Although stock photography can be of high quality, a connection between the customer and the client is not made. Finally, no stock photography can be as capable of conveying the business, services, and goods as you desire. It can only be achieved with your own personal photos when speaking directly to your future client. So take measures to upload organic pictures that have character. This will give essence to the user experience potentially increasing conversions.

5. Maintain consistent pages on the website.

Consistency means doing everything that matches. Heading sizes, choices of type, shading, designs of the keys, arrangement, elements of architecture, types of illustration, choices of images — you name it. To make the template consistent between pages and on the same page, everything should be theme-set.In order to have a wonderful experience for your customers as they click through your web, it is crucial that they know that they are still on your web.

user experiance

Drastic shifts in design from page to page will cause your user to feel lost and frustrated, and lose faith in your web. You don’t want your customers feeling like they just stepped onto a completely different web page within your website. We want them to flow through our web pages with ease. If you need a layout designer or simply want to fix the flow Vebudo Vision can assist you to do so.

6. Maintain a responsive and mobile-friendly website

With the development of technology, mobile phones have become a necessity when navigating online. Technologies have progressed to meet our smartphone needs. Websites are an integral part of this evolution, too. Your website is imperative to be mobile-friendly and easy to use irrespective of what sort of system they use to access it.

 improve your website for better user experience

Google has recently begun to penalize pages that aren’t designed for mobile apps, making the need for accessibility much more important. Perhaps this is the single most important way to boost the performance of your website. So taking the time to fix this problem can lead to a huge boost in conversions and user engagement. With our Vebudo Vision team this can be done professionally and efficiently, should you so with.

I hope these 06 Tips help improve your website for better user experience. With the time on your hand let’s fix up the business for the bounce back. If you have any questions, drop them down in the comment section below. Times are tough for everyone, with the current pandemic situation so let’s also remember to stay safe and maintain social distancing. If you are having any trouble with your digital marketing we are always available to help. Stay safe guys.

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