Digital Marketing Top 6 Features of a good digital marketing agency

Choosing your first-ever digital marketing agency can be daunting, how will you know if they are good at what they do. This is your precious business we’re talking about. So clearly it’s not something to think of lightly. But let’s say you are thinking of changing your already partnered digital marketing company, Now you’re worried because you don’t want to make the same mistake again. Either way, It’s a frightening situation to be in, but there’s always a way to get out of this loophole.

Now you took the time to listen to recommendations, searched on google itself and came to the conclusion of a few agencies that fit the mark. But what exactly are the criteria you’re using to measure their performance?

If you consider these 6 features of a good marketing agency that I will list below, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting into. It’s very basic, but small things can go a long way in this industry. So pay attention and see for yourself if your targetted agencies have them.

1. A specific person assigned to manage your account

 Features of a good digital marketing agency

When you work with an external source regarding your business, it’s important to have one reliable person always available to talk to. It’s difficult if you have someone different updating you each day.

So when selecting your digital marketing agency, ask them if they will provide a specific person to manage your account. If he or she will have a team to assist with the process. Expect the name of the person in charge and the names of the additional team members. It’s important you know who to talk to, and who is talking to you.

In addition, it’s important to know how reliable a response back from them is. It should never exceed the 24hours of service time. furthermore, this should be available with respect to any form of communication you wish to use such as Skype, SMS, email or a simple phone call.

2. Strict methods of staying up to date

 Features of a good digital marketing agency

The digital world is always rapidly changing. If you miss the bus to the next big change, you’ll find yourself way behind your competitors. So the agency must stay up to date and respond to change accordingly.

It’s important for you to know what procedures they take when big changes come up. for example, being a google partner is a must when it comes to receiving the information first hand. Observe the existing client base they already have, when a change occurs does the appropriate response get applied to all the clients.

Learn the way they keep their staff trained for all the new technological changes that occur. How often do they get trained and updated? It’s critical for you to have a good team working on all your projects, that know what they are doing. Also, consider if they share this information widely. Check how often they share blogs and what type of content they have,

3. Always provides the necessary reports

 Features of a good digital marketing agency

The best agencies will always provide good analytical reports in regard to your business. Not just an overall simple print outs of Google Analytics. By the time you start your projects, you will have a clear idea of what the success rates will look like.

Let it be revenue, Cost Per Acquisition, ROI, Cost Per Click or a combination. Your process toward ultimate success should be clear from the reports. You need your agency to advise you on what applies to each of these steps on an agreed time scale. It must measure your success and show future changes of current outcomes.

They must be clear on how often you will get this report. Most would say monthly, which is a good duration but some aspects require more frequent updates. So ask them clearly on what aspects they will provide reports and respectively how often. An important note to keep in mind is, that you will be paying for these reports, so understand how the budget will work if they suggest you get reports every 2 weeks.

4. Good reputation with testimonials and Awards

 Features of a good digital marketing agency

It’s downright critical you have someone with experience and knowledge on what they do. If you are putting the company in the hands of someone chasing the same keywords for two separate clients then there will be a problem.

So first understand what industry you belong to, and the competitors that exist for it. Choose an agency that doesn’t handle a majority of these competitors because the chances are, they’re probably fighting for the same keyword. You need the agency to understand what your business is and talk solutions. They will tell you if there is likely to be a conflict of interest with an existing client. 

You live in the world of google search providing results within seconds. So don’t get fooled bu fake awards or testimonials. If a website has won many awards it would be published on their website, not something they will let you know through an email or phone call. Make sure these awards are from reputed institutions like  The Charted Institute of Marketing, for example.

5. The Price suitable for your budget

A good agency will have a price suitable for the client’s budget. If not they will respectfully decline their offers. It’s fair for both you and the agency to not waste each other’s time.

So look closely at their average price range. See if it matches your budget. If not talk and try to negotiate what the agency can do for you. Good agencies will always try to give their client the best offers. But, you also have to understand that it’s difficult to state a precise figure until they have fully understood your needs and the scope of the work that needs undertaking,

6. Clearly informs the scope of working with your team

Digital marketing agencies have different scopes of interacting with your business when they work. So you have to understand what it is that you will provide from your part, and how much assistance you will receive from their part. Some agencies take full responsibility on to their shoulders. They operate a ‘done for you’ model whereby they do just about everything for you. This is fantastic when you have just begone your digital marketing journey. But it might not be what you need when you had some experience and want to give significant inputs to the process.

This is where you will have some strategic agencies they will tell you what you should do and then leave it to you to get it done. End returns will be the result of your hard works. They will provide the necessary guidance needed to get the job done in the right manner.

Then there are agencies that do ‘distributed implementation’, in other words, it’s where you do some work and the agency does some. This will depend mostly on the resources you have available. It’s a great way to get the maximum inputs and knowledge out of your digital marketing agency while developing your team as well.

The next time you are searching for a good digital marketing agency, keep these key features in mind when asking them questions and communicating your needs. I suggest knowing the depth of the water you’re jumping into than taking a leap of faith. Let me know if this helped you out below and always choose wisely.

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